Washer Dryer Repairs Leeds

Washer dryers are an ideal way to save space within your property as they allow you to wash and dry your clothes in one appliance. However, this means that should one aspect of the machine break down, the whole machine could be out of commission.

At 0800 repair, we have extensive experience of dealing with all manner of washer dryer faults, whether it’s the washer part, the dryer part or both that’s affected. In fact, we regularly deal with the following, and are always delighted to assist, regardless of the issue:

  • Electrical issues
  • Blockages
  • Machines that damage clothing
  • Bad or burning smells

We know that you want assistance as soon as possible following the discovery of a fault, and we strive to provide rapid assistance when you contact us for a washer dryer repair service. So for a high standard of appliance repairs from washer dryer repairs to fridge repairs carried out by competent and qualified professionals, give us a call.

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Does your Washer Dryer Need Repairing?

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We Fix the following Washer Dryer Repairs issues:

  • Faulty Drum or Bearing Replacement
  • Blocked Pumps
  • Problems With The Spin Cycle
  • Snapped Belts
  • Door Gasket Replacements
  • Not Heating
And Many More...